How Much Does Fuji Instax Film Cost And Where Can I Get Instax Film Cheap?

While instant cameras, like Instax cameras made by Fujifilm, are fun to shoot since you get a physical print from each image, but it can get expensive if you go through the film quickly. The cost of the film will relate to the type of camera you have or planning to purchase.

Fujifilm Instax Mini film costs on average $0.78 per sheet, $0.94 per sheet of Instax Square film, and $1 per sheet of instax Wide film when purchased in bulk from online retailers with Amazon and Best Buy being the cheapest. Walmart generally has the cheapest Instax Mini film on average at $0.65 per sheet.

The cost of Instax film can vary so much from one store to another that it is always a good idea to check them all for prices before buying. If you want to learn more about the specific film that can be purchased for the three sizes of instax cameras, you will need to read on.

All three Instax Films from left to right: Instax Mini, Instax Square, and Instax Wide
All three Instax Films from left to right: Instax Mini, Instax Square, and Instax Wide

Where Can I Get Fuji Instax Film Cheap?

As a general rule, you can get Fuji Instax Film at most retail outlets, drugstores, and camera specialty shops. However, online stores like Amazon, B & H, Adorama, and eBay carries all three of the kinds of Instax film and in bulk options and are the cheapest. Convenient locations that are physical stores you can just go and buy film such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Staples but they usually only have Instax Mini film and more expensive.

Retailer (online)
Instax Mini Film
(per sheet)
Instax Square Film
(per sheet)
Instax Wide Film
(per sheet)
$0.70/per sheet for 30 sheets
$0.93/per sheet for 100 sheets
$0.90/per sheet for 100 sheets
$0.62/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 100 sheets
$1.09/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
$0.98/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 100 sheets
$.Opens in a new tab.8Opens in a new tab.9Opens in a new tab./per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
$.87/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 80 sheets
$.77/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 80 sheets
$.Opens in a new tab.7Opens in a new tab.1Opens in a new tab./per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 60 sheets
$0.9Opens in a new tab.9Opens in a new tab./per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 100 sheets
$0.89/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 100 sheets
B & H Photo Video
$.69/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 100 sheets
$0.94/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
$0.93/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
$1.12/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
$1.14/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
$1.14/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
Best Buy
$.7Opens in a new tab.4Opens in a new tab./per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 60 sheets
$Opens in a new tab.0Opens in a new tab..Opens in a new tab.6Opens in a new tab.2Opens in a new tab./per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
$0.62/per sheetOpens in a new tab. for 20 sheets
The prices are at the time of writing in 2022

Below you can find a list of some of the cheapest places to buy your film. Remember that some companies will randomly put the film packs on sale, while others will run specials if you buy more than one. Another thing that you should look for before buying is the difference in price between buying the small pack compared to the bigger one.

  • Amazon – This is the biggest online retail company in the world. Amazon is known by anybody that has ordered online or even searched for an item on the internet. You can find all the Instax films in all the versions that you could ever want.
  • Walmart- Walmart is the most prominent brick-and-mortar retail store on the planet. Walmart offers all the Instax filmOpens in a new tab. you need in the store or online if your location is out of stock. However, you may only find Instax Mini film at this location.
  • Adorama – This company specializes in electronic items, including Instax cameras and instax film that is needed. You can get any style of instax camera and any of the three types of instax film you need.
  • eBay – An online auction site full of people selling their used items. However, there are also eBay stores run by retailers that sell new items at rock bottom prices include Instax instant cameras and instax filmOpens in a new tab.. However, be aware it might not be the freshest film available.
  • B&H Photo – Anything that deals with photography can be found at this specialty store out of New York City that takes up an entire city block. You can find all the instax cameras and film for saleOpens in a new tab. in their retail store as well as on their online platform.
  • Staples – Staples has brick-and-mortar stores throughout the country and an online platform that allows you to shop at any time of day or night. You may think that they are nothing but office supplies, but they also manly carry Fuji Instax Mini filmsOpens in a new tab..
  • Best Buy – One of the most popular physical and online retailers for technology is Best BuyOpens in a new tab.. This store carries Instax cameras as well as instax film online and usually only Instax Mini film in stores.
  • Walgreens – This drugstore that still develops film is a physical option for purchasing instax film. You may not know that they also carry other things, such as film for your Instax film. However, they mostly only carry Instax Mini film in stores and sells other types of Instax film online.
  • CVS – A drugstore that develops filmOpens in a new tab. as well as sell Instax cameras and film. Like Walgreens, this store mainly sells Instax Mini film in the store but sells the other types online.
  • Fujifilm’s Website – If you are interested in finding the best deal for Instax film prices, it is best to look on Fujifilm’s website. You can view all the different design options that they offer for the 3 Instax camera types. If you click on a film, you can see the specific details and which vendors sell them. There even is a map option to see if there are stores that sell them near you.

This list is by no means all-inclusive. You can find the film at some convenience stores, drug stores, etc. If a company sells retail items in store, there is a good chance they will sell at least Instax Mini film and sometimes they will sell the other types of Instax film as well.

Why is Fuji Instax Mini Film The Cheapest?

Comparison of Instax Film Sizes
Comparison of Instax Film Sizes

If you are checking around and deciding which size of the camera to purchase, or if you want to upgrade your current camera, I recommend getting the Instax Mini. It is the most commonly sold Instax camera.

Overall, the Instax Mini is the best-selling Opens in a new of the three options available and the most popular Mini cameras are Instax Mini 9Opens in a new tab., Instax Mini 11Opens in a new tab., and Instax Mini EvoOpens in a new tab.. Instax Mini film is the smallest of the three Instax types and the most popular. Generally, the more popular a device is, the better chance you will have finding deals for it.

The global sales outlookOpens in a new tab. of makes it hard to believe that people only rely on their phones when taking images. However, maybe people are getting tired of taking images they never see again and just end jp deleting a year from now.

With this knowledge, you can rest assured that the Fujifilm Instax Mini FilmOpens in a new tab. will continue to be more affordable than the other two options. Plus, you may see a decline in the production of the others, so the company can maximize its sales and decrease its profits.

How Can You Make Sure To Get The Best Price?

There is only one way to ensure that you get the best price on Instax Film is check prices from many retailers. Not all companies charge the same price, and not all of them will run sales simultaneously.

Checking prices is obviously the most important thing for you if you want to get the best prices on the instant film for your camera. That does not mean checking it once and assuming that is the price all the time. There are a few other things that you can do to ensure you do not get overcharged.

  • Price Drops on Instax Film – Retailers such as Amazon change prices on their products over 2.5 million times a day.Opens in a new tab. They do this to match the costs of their competitors. This means that you should not only check prices when you shop but check them a couple of times per day.
  • Price Matching on Fujifilm Film – Many companies, like Best Buy, will guarantee that their price is the best, or they will match one if you can show that the competitor has it for cheaper. You can shop at your favorite store and still pay the best price, making the process more bearable.
  • Black Friday Deals – You will never know how much Instax film you will use throughout the year, but you can make a good guess. Watch for companies to put the film you need on sale during Black Friday events and buy enough to keep you in stock for a few months. Amazon runs amazing deals during their Prime DayOpens in a new tab., which is like Black Friday in the middle of the summer.
  • Sign Up For Company Newsletters – Most companies, like Adorama and B & H, will send out company emails, newsletters, and weekly advertisements. Sign up for them to check for sales through your email account.
  • Price Drop After Purchasing – After you buy film or a camera for a large price, keep an eye on the items at the store you purchased it from. If the company drops the price within a few days, talk to them by email or through customer service and see if they will most likely reimburse you for the difference.
  • Leave The Instax Film In Your Cart – Occasionally, the sales department will contact you if you leave something in your online cart for a month or two. It will most likely be an email, but they will remind you of the forgotten item and may offer you a discount, like around 10% off, if you buy it that day. I have used this trick to get prices on wanted items in the past and it works well.

Companies today are using advanced software to keep an eye on the prices of their closest competitors. This allows them to monitor items and lower the costs in their stores to match. That is why it is crucial to keep an eye on each company a few times a day. Stock up when you find a great deal, and keep watching.

Why Use Fujifilm Instax Instant Cameras?

Instax Mini 11: One of the Most Popular Instax Mini Camera
Instax Mini 11: One of the Most Popular Instax Mini Camera

If you do not yet own a Instax Instant Camera from Fujifilm, you may be wondering why you should get one. There are so many things that your mobile device can do that it may seem like a pointless endeavor to buy a separate camera. What your mobile device cannot do, though, is give an immediate physical picture that will help you stand out on social media.

For the most part, buying a portable instant camera is all about the low cost compared to digital cameras, ease of use, and ability to instantly share a physical, unique print. One of the best options made by Fujifilm are the Instax cameras like the Instax Mini 11, Instax Mini Evo, Instax Square SQ1, or Instax WideOpens in a new tab..

For more reasons to buy an instant camera, and more specifically an Instax cameraOpens in a new tab., see this article.

Final Thoughts

It should be evident which Fujifilm Instax film is the best for you to use and which one is the cheapest to buy. Instax cameras are of the best portable cameras on the market and they can make great pictures every time. Great photos that are printed out onto physical film immediately after taking them.

Just remember that when purchasing Instax film not all retailers are created equally. You need need to be diligent when checking prices and use your shopping to get the lowest price matched at your prefered.


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