What Makes Leica Film Cameras So Expensive?

Leica film cameras are known for their high-quality cameras delivers stunning photos. So, not surprisingly, film cameras by Leica are quite expensive. But what exactly makes them so costly?

Leica film cameras are expensive because they are handcrafted, have high quality control standards, and are built to last. Leica film cameras offer much to a photographer for the overall expense. Even though it is a high upfront cost to purchase a Leica camera, they are worth the price.

In this article, we will discuss Leica film cameras and their features. Hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of Leica film cameras and why they are an investment you’d want to make. 

What Makes a Leica Film Camera So Expensive?

Leica film cameras are so expensive because they are made from high-quality materials and hand crafted in Germany. They are also made in small batches, which lends to their high price tag. The major expense is due to the high-end artsy feel and overall aesthetic of the Leica cameras. 

Leica’s high price tag also comes with some excellent features, such as:

  • Small batch engineering
  • Fabricated with high quality metals
  • Over 100 years of excellent standards
  • Premiere lenses for all environments
Inside the lens of a Leica.
A Leica lens cut in half. It is beautiful and very precise.

You pay for the history and feel of a well-built, timeless piece of artistry. The camera itself is art.  Even though Leica cameras are expensive, many photographers find that Leica cameras are worth their price because they are durable and well made.

Here are the price ranges of a few Leica camera options:

  • Used cameras run about $400.
  • A brand-new Leica M-system camera costs just over $8,000.
  • Other systems cost between $2,000 and $8,000.
  • Special edition cameras can cost even more.

Lenses are not necessarily included in the above prices. A lens for a Leica camera can cost $1,000 or more. Some lenses cost just as much as the camera or more. Other accessories for Leica cameras can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Why Are Film Cameras So Expensive?

It’s important to know a bit about film cameras to understand why the Leica brand costs more than the rest.

Some features that lend to the high cost of film cameras are:

  • Excellent construction
  • Attention to detail
  • High-quality imagery

There are also hidden costs of film photography, such as:

  • Film – People often overlook the cost of filmOpens in a new tab. because it is rarely used in modern photography.
  • Lenses – When your camera is attached to your phone, no lenses are needed.
  • Developing FilmFilm must be developedOpens in a new tab., which is a cost you don’t necessarily have in digital photography.

What Makes Leica Great?

Leica cameras have many features that make them a great choice in the film photography industry.

The important features of a Leica camera include:

  • They hold their value over time. – Like high-end watches, Leica cameras don’t depreciate.
  • They are handmade in Germany. – The Leica brand offers a strong record of craftsmanship.
  • They have a long history. – Most Leica film cameras have been crafted in Germany for over 100 years.
  • Leica prides itself on quality control. – Small batches make for very selective quality control measures.

The three types of Leica cameras are:

  1. Film
  2. Digital
  3. Instant

While Leica only currently lists a handful of film cameras (including an instant film camera) on their website, they have made many film cameras over the past century. Their film cameras can be bought used or refurbished on websites like KEH.com Opens in a new tab.or Ebay.comOpens in a new tab.

What makes a Leica camera so recognizable?:

  • The high-quality construction of the body and lensesd
  • Leica “look” from their camera and lenses
  • Rangefinder camera type
  • Old-school style
  • Rugged and solid build

Should You Buy a Leica Film Camera?

If you can afford a Leica camera, buy one, or try renting one. Some camera stores allow rentals, which is a great way to test all the features and get a feel for the camera. Leica cameras are world-renowned and have a track record of quality and timely customer service. 

With a Leica camera, you are paying for the history and quality. It is a camera built to last. Leica cameras are definitely an investment, but they are worth it.

Which Leica Camera Is Best?

Now that you know all about Leica cameras, here are some of the best Leica cameras available on the market today. Among all the Leica cameras there are cameras more suited to some environments. 

Best camera for documentary photography: M10-P camera

Leica m10-p range finder
Leica M10-P Digital rangefinder
  • Quietest shutter of all Leica cameras – for discreet images
  • Digital Camera with a 24 Megapixel sensor
  • Cinematographer special edition available
  • Available in Chrome or Black
  • No famous Leica Red Dot for more stealth
  • Special edition options include selecting different frame lines for specific lenses

Best professional camera: S-System

Leica S 3 Digital Medium Format Camera
Leica S 3 Digital Medium Format Camera
  • Fantastic quality images
  • Digital medium format camera with 64 megapixels
  • Designed for all locations
  • High and low light scenarios
  • Shoots medium format 4K video
  • Combines the size and ergonomics of a 35mm DSLR with a medium format sensor
  • ISO range of 100 to 50,000
  • Weather-Sealed and well built

Most versatile: V-Lux 5

  • Allows for the capture of a large number of ranges
  • High-resolution imagery
  • Great for all environments
  • Quick focus means you can snap in seconds
  • Superzoom and fast autofocus
  • Compact design means you can take it anywhere

Best New 35 mm film camera: M-A camera

  • Only new film camera on the market from Leica
  • Various lens options
  • Quiet Shutter
  • Reduced to essential components for no-fuss photographing
  • Smaller body than other Leica film cameras
  • Available in silver and chrome
  • Includes a pack Kodak Tri-X 400 film

(Source: Leica CamerasOpens in a new tab.)

Of course, photographers will debate which camera is superior. But it is best to think of it as choosing the best tool for your specific job. To find what works best for you, it may be helpful to visit your local retailer or rent it from an online companyOpens in a new tab. and test drive the different systems.

Quick History of Leica Cameras

Leica cameras have been around for over 100 years. Below is a quick overview of the histories of their digital and film options.

Here is some of the history of Leica digital cameras:

  • First digital Leica camera came to market in 1996
  • First hybrid system unveiled in 1996 easily goes from DSLR to film
  • 2006 saw the first digital M-camera

Since 2006, they have continued to update, create and expand their camera’s features and the systems they offer photographers. 

Here is some of the history of Leica film cameras:

  • First film camera was built in 1914
  • First 35 mm film camera invented by Oskar Barnack
  • 1925 marked production and selling of a fixed lens camera for 55 mm film
  • Started with 7 interchangeable lenses
  • M-camera model created in 1954

Because of Leica’s steady history of quality camera design, they have become a standout in the photography industry.

(Source: Leica WebsiteOpens in a new tab.)

Should You Purchase A New or Used Leica Camera?

Both have great benefits and it mainly comes down to pricing and quality. Below are lists of things to consider when buying new or used. 

Considerations for Buying New:
Consideration for Buying Used:
– Fresh out of the box
– Expensive investment
– Can save you considerable money
– Warranty (if opted for) is brand new
– Warranty may have expired or not transfer to new owner
– Problems can be easily remedied with customer service due to recent purchase
– Might have to pay extra to get parts fixed
– Can pick exactly the features you want
– Not the most up to date features
– Potentially dated design
– Price match and compare before buying to save money
– Must find a reputable camera store for used products

If you want some more protection when buying used, Leica has a refurbishment programOpens in a new tab. but the cameras available change all the time.

Benefits of Leica’s refurbishment program are:

  • 12-month warranty
  • Customizable options
  • Certified by Leica

In Summary

Leica cameras are expensive because they are made from high-quality materials and offer an unmatched history of craftsmanship. Leica cameras are worth the cost because you will notice the difference in your final image.

Leica offers digital selections of ISO, f-stops, and apertures for complete control of the photography experience. Leica’s film cameras offer the same options with the added fun of being a true film camera and being well-known in the film photography comm


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